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3.1.3 "Exploring" Your New Aggregate Data


We don't have to jump right in to creating a proper reporting panel for our new data.  Many times simply looking at the data itself can be helpful.


It is best to always take a look at your resultant data just to give it a sanity check before you start doing formal reporting.  The easiest way to do this is simply to use the "Explore" function within Grafana.


The data we previously aggregated from Prometheus will always be presented in the form of filewave_inventory_query_id, where id is the id of the report you based the data upon.  You'll see below how we can explore that data:

Notice that the data are no longer 5 individual records, but now 3 records, because we have 3 different versions of the FileWave client between these endpoints.  That data is perfect for us to create our very own pie chart.