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3.1.4 Creating your Data Panel


Now that we have our data being passed over to the dashboard, and we know how to access it, we can build a panel using the visualization that fits our data.


Many times, when the data we are presenting is representing the "whole" of an environment, then we might choose to use a pie chart to represent that data, and usually that data is presented in a snapshot form (i.e. only the latest data).  At other times, when we want to watch the progression of something, such as number of enrolled devices, we might want to look at that data as it progresses over time in a line graph.


Creating this new panel isn't much harder than our previous example, but there are a few new things you'll notice in the overview below:

There are lots of options you can play around with in the different visualizations to customize the output (we won't attempt here to document that).  Note though that you can reference data elements for things like the legend.  In this case putting {{genericdesktopclient__filewave_client_version}} in as the legend format makes the legend use the much more meaningful field value. 

One more note: We chose the "Instant" option in this case because we only want to see the last version of the data for this particular panel (and almost always "instant" for a pie chart).  However, the data really is time-series data, so a bar or line chart could show these data elements changing over time to watch progression.