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Resolving “Login failed: User sync failed” Error in Grafana


This article addresses the issue of encountering a “Login failed: User sync failed” error when logging into Grafana through FileWave Anywhere.



This error occurs when there is a username conflict between Grafana and FileWave. Specifically, if an administrator user named “admin” is created in FileWave Central, it conflicts with Grafana’s internal use of the “admin” username. This issue is common when administrators use the “admin” username in FileWave Central -> Preferences -> Manage Administrators and then attempt to log in to the FileWave Dashboard via Grafana.


To resolve this issue, you need to avoid using the “admin” username in FileWave. Follow these steps assuming the user is a built-in user rather than one coming from an LDAP or IdP:

  1.  Access FileWave Central:
    • Open FileWave Central.
    • Navigate to Preferences -> Manage Administrators.
  2. Rename the “admin” Account:
    • Identify if an “admin” user exists.
    • Rename this user to a specific named account, such as “Bob Randall”.
    • Ensure the new username is unique and does not conflict with other system usernames.
  3. Create Named Accounts:
    • Create individual named accounts for each administrator. For example, use names like “Jane Doe” or “John Smith”.
    • This practice not only prevents conflicts with Grafana but also ensures clarity and accountability.
  4. Update Login Credentials:
    • Inform all administrators about their new login credentials.
    • Update any saved login credentials in browsers or password managers accordingly.

Digging Deeper

By adopting named accounts, organizations can enhance their security posture and improve user accountability. Named accounts make it easier to track who made specific changes, which is crucial for auditing and compliance purposes.

For more information on managing administrators in FileWave and avoiding username conflicts, refer to the official FileWave and Grafana documentation linked above.