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FileWave Server on CentOS End of Life

As FileWave continues to develop our industry-leading multi-platform solution, our primary goal is to make it as simple, stable, and scalable as possible. With the End of Life of CentOS on June 30th 2024, beginning with 15.2.0, the FileWave Server will be shipped for Debian Linux and macOS. Although we will produce FileWave Server for CentOS 7 with 15.2 and 15.3, we will be looking to not continue to produce CentOS installers for Server or Boosters after the June 30th EOL date. (Depending on the timing of FileWave 15.4 we may also release that for CentOS as well, but this article will be updated when we  release 15.3.)

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Q: Does this change affect me?

My FileWave Server is:
  • ⚙️ Managed by me on CentOS: You will be able to follow the migration documentation where we have step-by-step guidance. The entire process can take about an hour, but copying all the data from the old server to the new one can take a longer time if there is a lot to copy so plan for your server to be offline for the day you do the migration.
    • Additional help is available on Discord. We have Debian-specific sessions every Thursday at 9:30am Eastern US time that are open for anyone, and monthly Open Office Hours for all questions in North American, European, and Asia Pacific time zones.
    • For those who would need someone to walk through this step by step please contact Professional Services, but if you are already working with PS then please ask your Engineer who will help.
    • You may also want to consider migrating to our Hosted offering so that management and care of the server would be taken care of by FileWave. Contact Customer Experience for more information on Hosting. 
    • If something goes wrong in the migration process please contact Customer Technical Support unless you are a Community Edition customer where you would want to go to Discord for support.
  • ✅ Managed by FileWave (Hosted): 100% handled by FileWave so no action is needed, but make sure to check your Boosters and/or IVS.
  • ✅ Managed by me on macOS: We continue to support FileWave Server on macOS, and no action is required for your Server. But make sure to also check your Boosters and/or IVS. .
I Have Boosters:
  • ⚙️ Running on CentOS: CentOS boosters will need to be switched over to Debian. The simplest process is to shut down each CentOS Booster, and then bring online a Debian Booster using the same IP address and complete the setup process to enroll that Booster. Doing this will allow you to not need to worry about updating Firewall rules or Superprefs. 
    • If something goes wrong in the migration process please contact Customer Technical Support unless you are a Community Edition customer where you would want to go to Discord for support.
  • ✅ Booster running on macOS or Windows will continue to be supported. No action is required for macOS or Windows Boosters.
I have FileWave IVS:
  • ⚙️ Running on CentOS will need to be switched over to Debian. The current timeline is the 15.3.0 release of FileWave which is planned for Feb 2024, and the migration will be similar to a Booster where a new one will be stood up to replace the old. You do not have to wait for the IVS to migrate your Server and/or Boosters, but you won't be able to migrate your IVS until we release it for Debian.
    • We will send out an updated email when the IVS is updated to Debian.
    • You can run a CentOS IVS with a Debian FileWave Server so this doesn't have to hold up your migration.

Q: Does this affect the Admin Console or Clients?
A: No. The FileWave Server, Boosters and IVS  are changing over to Debian, but all Windows and macOS components are still fully supported and will continue to be.

Q: Will FileWave help me with FileWave Server migration?
A: We are publishing and updating our documentation to help this process be as simple as possible. 

Q: What if I don't want to run a FileWave Server On-Premise anymore?
A: Please connect with Customer Experience because we offer Hosting options and will migrate your data to our Amazon infrastructure.

Q: What if I would like someone to walk me through the whole migration?
A: Please connect with Professional Services & Training about our Migration services. 

Q: I have questions and just would like to speak with someone?
A: Please check out our Discord and every Thursday at 9:30am New York time we have a session. If you are in a time zone where that doesn't work for you, we also have our monthly Open Office Hours in North America/Europe and then Asia Pacific times.