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Privacy Preferences Policy Control (TCC)


Apple's TCC payload was introduced in FileWave 13 and controls the Privacy section of the Security & Privacy Preference.  Since it was controlling the Security & Privacy tab, it was included in one single Security & Privacy Payload, when creating the Fileset.  This, however, reduces flexibility of Privacy Payload distribution.  FileWave 13.1 has addressed this.


FileWave 13.1 separates the Privacy TCC payload from the Security & Privacy Preference in our Profile Editor, providing two Security & Privacy Payloads

Security & Privacy - iOS and macOS (10.7+) 

Including the tabs: General (macOS only), FileVault (macOS only), Firewall and Privacy


Security & Privacy - macOS (10.14+)

Only includes the additional TCC Payload from within Privacy


Upgrading to FileWave 13.1

For any existing payloads, created in 13.0.x, that included TCC Privacy Payloads, during migration to FileWave 13.1+ the Profile will be converted and will now show both Security & Privacy Payloads.  It is highly recommended that two separate Profiles are created instead; one containing the General, FileVault and Firewall and the other containing the Privacy TCC Payload.

With a separate TCC Privacy Payload, it is then possible to deliver multiple Privacy Payloads, providing greater granular control.