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macOS MDM Enrolment State


macOS devices are unique, in as much as they may be managed by both the FileWave Client and Apple's MDM process.  The MDM Enrolment State is an inventory item which shows the current state of MDM enrolment.

FileWave requires the FileWave Client for basic management of macOS devices.  MDM is an additional extra to expand the management options, as provided by Apple.  There is no MDM only option for macOS devices.


MDM Enrolment State

The state is a live report of the current status of the device's enrolment; imagine if a device was initially MDM enrolled, but the enrolment profile has been subsequently removed from the device.  Status values include:

  • Full Enrolled – Device was MDM enrolled and all is good.  This would be usual for DEP or OTA
  • Server only – Devices was MDM enrolled, but the device no longer has an enrolment profile installed
  • Device only – Device has an MDM enrolment profile installed, yet the database has no reference of this
  • Undefined – Device is running a version of FileWave older than 14.3.0 or has not yet reported back its state
  • Not Enrolled – Device has never been MDM enrolled and is managed purely by the FileWave Client


A query may be used to identify devices that are not in an expected state, for example, identify devices that no longer have an Enrolment Profile installed

An example query could look something like:

Add, edit or remove criteria to meet desired reporting.


To assist identifying why a device may show as 'Device Only', the following Custom Fields may be added, reporting the Server Root Cert Name and the APNs of the enrolment profile:

MDM Server Root Certificate Name

↓ macOS

Enrolment Profile APNs Topic

↓ macOS