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Uninstall the FileWave Client on macOS


The below methods can be used to uninstall the FileWave client on macOS machines. 

Updated with version 4.1.  Version 4 did not allow for the removal of the FileWave VNC client and as such will cause devices to reboot and not uninstall the FileWave Client.  Please update to version 4.1 to avoid this issue.  Version 4.1 will still work with older version of FileWave Client.


  • FileWave Uninstall, Fileset or Stanadalone



  1. Download the attached Fileset and unzip
  2. Drag and drop the unzipped Fileset in to your Filesets tab. Please make sure to drag it in your root level of your Filesets structure so it is not accidentally deployed to devices. This Fileset will uninstall the client and break communication to your FileWave server.
  3. Associate the Fileset to machines that you want to remove from FileWave.
  4. Once the Fileset is sent out the devices will not check back in and can be deleted from FileWave.
↓ macOS
FileWave Download.png


  1. Download the attached script
  2. Use Terminal to run the script locally as root
↓ macOS
FileWave Download.png

This will uninstall the FileWave Client, but it will not remove an MDM enrolment profile if installed.  As such, the device may still be able to connect back to the FileWave Server over MDM, but will be unmanageable.  Additionally, if the Custom PKG is configured to instal beyond initial enrolment, MDM can reinstall the client onto the device again.  Ensure the MDM profile is also removed if removing the client from FileWave.