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How to re-enroll an IVS


You may need to remove and re-enroll the IVS to troubleshoot. Instead of straightforward deleting and enrolling the IVS again, you will need to remove the client and admin IVS configurations, before removing. Once these configurations have been deleted you then may remove the IVS from FileWave Admin Central.


When the IVS loses connection or stops imaging, troubleshooting may require to remove and re-enroll the IVS.


  1. Remove IVS Client configuration
    1. log into your IVS by ssh into the server and execute the commands below:

      $ sudo killall fwcld
      $ rm -rf /etc/xdg/FileWave/Client.conf

  2. Remove IVS Admin configuration
    1. Open a web browser and navigate to your IVS admin address, i.e. https://<IVS.IP.address>:20444


    2. Click 'Sign in' and enter the username and password

      username: fwadmin
      password: filewave

    3. Once logged in, click Admin at the top, Preferences > Check the box to the left of Preference to check all boxes > Click the drop-down to the right of Action and select "Delete selected Preferences".


    4. Click on 'Go' and confirm by clicking 'Yes' to remove. After completed the steps, you should see 0 Preferences.


  3. Remove IVS from FileWave Admin Central
    1. Open FileWave Admin Central and navigate to Preferences > Imaging tab > click your IVS to highlight it > Click the minus sign to the bottom left and then hit OK to close preferences. Re-open Preferences > Imaging tab and make sure your IVS hasn't reappeared.IVSadminconfig4
  4. Restart the IVS. SSH into your IVS and run the command to reboot:

    $ sudo shutdown -r now

  5. Once the IVS has restarted, you may begin the enrollment process normally; Setting up the IVS (Imaging Virtual Server)

Setting up the IVS (Imaging Virtual Server)