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Imaging Issue After Upgrading FileWave and Using Self-Signed SSL Certificate


You are experiencing difficulties imaging machines after upgrading your FileWave Server, IVS, and Clients while using a Self-Signed SSL Certificate.


This step is necessary when using a Self-Signed SSL Certificate. Ensure to include this additional step in your IVS upgrade process if you are not using a Root Trusted SSL Certificate.


  1. Access the IVS via SSH or locally:
    • Connect to the IVS via SSH or access it locally.
  2. Edit the dnsmasq.lua file:
    • Use your preferred command-line editor (e.g., vi) to edit the dnsmasq.lua file.
    • vi /imaging/scripts/bin/dnsmasq.lua
  3. Navigate to line 128:
    • Use the arrow keys or appropriate commands to navigate to line 128.
      Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 5.21.03 PM.png
  4. Switch to insert mode:
    • Press 'i' to switch to insert mode in vi.
  5. Add the following line:
    • req.tls = false
  6. Save and exit vi:
    • Press the Esc key to exit insert mode.
    • Type ':wq' and press Enter to save and exit vi.
  7. Verify functionality:
    • You should now be able to image machines successfully.