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Image creation or deployment hangs on "calling subprocess.Popen"


When trying to create a Master image, or deploy a freshly captured image on a Windows device, the entire process will stall at the message "Calling subprocess.Popen with: parted -m /dev/sda print".



The cause of this issue is a bad partition on the machine that results in an imaging creation or deployment stall. In order to resolve this issue, you will need to modify a file on the Imaging Virtual Server (IVS) and use a prompt on the device you are wanting to capture the image from / deploy to. 

The following steps will allow you to clear the error from the device.

  1. Make a note of the partition that seems to be stuck. From the screen shot it is "/dev/sda". Your drive may have a different name.

  2. Once you know the drive name, go ahead and turn off the machine that is stuck capturing the image.

  3. Connect to your IVS and run the below command.

    touch /etc/fw_master_debug
  4. PXE boot the machine giving the error again.

  5. The machine will go to a prompt where you are able to type the below command. For the example, "/dev/sda", but yours may be different.

    sgdisk --zap /dev/sda
  6. Shutdown the machine you are capturing the image from / deploying to.

  7. Run the below command on your IVS to delete the file you created.

     rm -rf /etc/fw_master_debug
  8. PXE boot the machine again to capture the image and it will no longer hang at the step.