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Migration to VPP Location Based Tokens

With Apple School Manager you can:

  • Transfer licenses­ This feature will allow you to transfer licenses from one location to another
  • Share licenses ­ Share licenses between purchasers that have been assigned, and have access, to the same location
  • Simplified Purchasing of Apps & Books ­ Ability to search and browse content directly in the “Apps and Books” section of Apple School Manager. You will also be able to manage all your Volume Purchase Program (VPP) credit and update billing information from within Apple School Manager (ASM)

To take advantage of these new features in Apple School Manager (ASM), you will first need to transition your institution from the legacy VPP token system to ASM. Below are some key steps to follow to help you understand and plan to ensure a successful transition.

You must read and follow the steps below to ensure a successful migration to VPP Location-based tokens! If you’re unclear about any of the steps please contact your Apple, or FileWave, representative before proceeding. Not following the steps below can lead to:

Unable to deploy apps due to lack of licenses
Apps being removed
Loss of app data


If you have codes still

How do I know if I have code?

To see if you have any codes in your account before migration, log in and go to “View Purchase History”
If any previous purchases have “Download Codes” in the last column you will need to request those be migrated to managed distribution.

How do I migrate codes to Managed Distribution?

  1. Visit and for “What do you need help with?” select “Other”
  2. Use the same institution name (and ideally the same email) as it shows in your Account Summary section
  3. Describe your issue and a representative should be in touch.

Invite VPP Purchasers

If you have purchasers with existing VPP accounts that aren't in Apple School Manager or in Apple Business Manager, invite them to join your organization before you migrate to Apps and Books.

One Purchaser per location

For the best migration experience, migrate only one purchaser per unique location. You can do this in one of the following ways:

  • By restricting account access in Apple School Manager or in Apple Business Manager to the appropriate location for each purchaser.
  • By directing each user to the specific location that they should choose.

If each purchaser migrates to a unique location, all licenses — assigned and unassigned — will move to Apps and Books.

Initial migration

All licenses that move during migration will be associated with the new location token to which they move. Any assigned licenses that don't move during migration remain associated with the purchaser's legacy token. All tokens that have associated licenses must be uploaded in MDM.

Location-­based tokens

Apps and Books use location ­based tokens. All licenses purchased for or transferred to a location associated with that location's token.* Legacy tokens from the VPP portal are account-based tokens. Purchasers can access tokens for all of their locations in the Apps and Books section of Apple School Manager's Settings or Apple Business Manager's Settings. Only one person needs to upload location tokens to MDM. Legacy tokens aren't needed after all licenses are moved to a location.

When you create a location, the location is in an "untouched" state, which allows Apple to transfer all licenses, including licenses currently in use, from a legacy token. As soon as anything is done on this location (buy apps, transfer token, change permission...), the location is not "untouched", therefore only unused licenses are transferred. So it's critical to NOT do anything with a location before migration happens.

Migrate all VPP purchasers

When you're ready to migrate to Apps and Books in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager, all purchasers should migrate at the same time. Each purchaser must migrate their account. Migrate by clicking Get Started in the Apps and Books section of Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager, then selecting the appropriate migration location.

After all purchasers migrate, you can take full advantage of the new features.
If your organization decides not to use Apps and Books, VPP purchasers can continue to use the legacy VPP portal at until December 1, 2019.

Assigned book licenses can't be moved and remain assigned to a user.

If assigned licenses don't transfer

Only unassigned licenses will move to a location if any of the following scenarios occur:

  • Licenses are purchased or transferred to a location before a purchaser migrates to the new location.
  • Someone downloads the location's token before the first user migrates to it.
  • A new Content Manager is created in a location after another user opts into Apps and Books.
  • Multiple purchasers migrate to the same location.

If assigned licenses don't transfer, they remain associated with the purchaser's legacy tokens which should remain uploaded to MDM with the location token. After you unassign an app from the legacy token, you can transfer the licenses to a location in Settings > Apps and Books in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager.

Updating Token in FileWave Admin Preferences

Once you have successfully migrated to the location-based tokens, you’re ready to update the legacy token(s) in FileWave! You will need to download your new location-based VPP token(s) and follow the directions below to update your VPP token in the FileWave Preferences.

Downloading New Token(s):

  1. Log into your ASM/ABM instance
  2. Click "Settings" on the lower left
  3. Click "Apps and Books" in the center column
  4. Scroll down on the right to find the Locations Table
  5. Click "Download" next to each location needing to be updated in FileWave 

Updating in FileWave:

  1. Connect with FileWave Admin and open the preferences
  2. Click on the VPP & DEP tab
  3. Click on "Configure tokens"
  4. Double-click on the VPP token you need to update
  5. Click the "Import" button and select your new location-based VPP token