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VPP Kiosk Error Details

When you associate VPP assets via users association there can be messages in the kiosk. Here is what these messages can mean:

unavailable for this application's organization

When the total available count of license is 0. Meaning you have no purchased licensed for this Application

unavailable for this application

When the available count of licenses is 0. Meaning you have run out of licenses for this VPP item.

application is not device assignable

The Developer of this application has not allow their application to be assigned to devices

acquired (but your VPP account was retired)

As stated, your invitation to the organizations VPP program has been retired


All is well

available (but your VPP account is not)

The application is assigned as User in Admin, but there is no VPP user account tied to the device


Device has a license for this vpp item