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App Portal / Kiosk v2 transition (15.3+)

Evolution of App Portal for iOS/iPadOS: Transition from Technical Preview to Official Release

In our commitment to continuous improvement and user-centric development, we are excited to announce a significant milestone in the journey of App Portal for iOS/iPadOS. Starting from version 15.3.0, App Portal has officially graduated from its technical preview phase, now standing as a fully realized and polished application.

Key Points:

  1. From Technical Preview to Real App:
    In previous releases, App Portal for iOS/iPadOS was introduced as a technical preview, allowing users to explore its functionalities and provide valuable feedback. With version 15.3.0, we are thrilled to elevate App Portal to the status of a fully-fledged, official application.

  2. Enhancements and Stability:
    The transition signifies not only the culmination of user feedback but also substantial enhancements and optimizations to ensure the stability, reliability, and performance of the App Portal for iOS/iPadOS.

  3. A Seamless User Experience:
    Users can now enjoy a seamless and refined experience with App Portal, harnessing its full potential for efficient and intuitive mobile application management.5.3.0 and beyond.

Desktop Kiosk for macOS and Windows

The transition from App Portal version 15.0.0 to version 15.3.0 represents a significant evolution, akin to the transformative experience observed when comparing the Android Play Store and the App Store. This upgrade places a primary emphasis on completely overhauling the user interface (UI) to provide a sleek, contemporary, and exceptionally intuitive platform, aligns with our users' evolving expectations.

While version 15.0.0 laid the groundwork for functionality, version 15.3.0 responds to user feedback and industry trends, recognizing the demand for a more sophisticated and streamlined UI. Here's how the new version draws inspiration from the design excellence of both the Android Play Store and the App Store:

  1. Unified Design Paradigm:
    The UI design seamlessly unifies elements from both the Android Play Store and the App Store, creating a harmonious blend of familiarity and innovation.

  2. Intuitive Navigation:
    Building on the success of version 15.0.0, version 15.3.0 introduces a reimagined navigation system with intuitive menus, recognizable icons, and seamless flows, akin to the ease of navigation in both app marketplaces.

  3. Visual Delight:
    The new UI isn't just functional; it's a visual delight with engaging animations, subtle transitions, and tastefully curated visuals, providing an immersive experience similar to the Android Play Store and the App Store.

  4. Enhanced Customization:
    Version 15.3.0 brings enhanced customization options, allowing users to personalize their interface similar to the Android Play Store and the App Store, fostering a sense of ownership over their app experience.

  5. Responsive Design:
    Like the responsiveness of the Android Play Store and the App Store across devices, our app now adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes, ensuring a consistent and optimized experience.

Additionally, with version 15.3.0, we've introduced some enhancements. Users will now receive clear indications when installing certain filesets that a reboot is required for optimal performance. This improvement ensures transparency and empowers users with the necessary information for a seamless experience. By incorporating these enhancements, App Portal solidifies its commitment to delivering a cutting-edge, user-friendly experience that aligns with evolving user expectations and industry trends. Version 15.3.0 sets the stage for a future where App Portal evolves dynamically, staying at the forefront of user-centric innovation.

Please note that there are some pre-15.3 customizations that no longer have any effect as well as one customization that can result in seeing both the old and new Kiosk on a macOS or Windows system. Please review the related content below.