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Kiosk should show only Kiosk associated Apps (15.3+)


Before FileWave 15.3, apps that are directly deployed to the device and have the “Allow removal” option checked are shown in Kiosk. If the user decides to remove them from their device, that app is shown in Kiosk—in case the user changes their mind and wants to have them on their device again. 


This was done before when there wasn’t Verify. Now, with Verify, this process is automated (the app will be installed again after Verify), so there is no sense in showing those apps in the Kiosk anymore.


In FileWave 15.3+, the Kiosk shows an item in the app list only if it is Kiosk-associated with the device. Non-kiosk-associated items do not appear on the list. This is more straightforward behavior, but it may be confusing for someone who was used to seeing apps in the Kiosk before that are now not showing.