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Checking what version of iOS/iPadOS App Portal is being pushed out (15.3+)


How do I know what version of App Portal (Kiosk) is being pushed out to iOS/iPadOS devices?


After a FileWave upgrade, there likely will be a new version of the iOS/iPadsOS IPA pushed out through the automatic upgrade process. Because this process is a bit invisible, verifying what the server believes is the version it is pushing out is sometimes necessary.


In FileWave Central, go to Assistants -> Manage Administrators and then pick your user account, though depending on permissions, you may want to use fwadmin. Grab the base64 token seen below in the image, including the = at the end of it.


Now you can ask the server. Replace ezk5ODxxxmE0OyyyyyyyOX0= below with your token, and replace with your server's DNS name.  

Here is a command you can run in on a macOS system or any system that has curl installed:

curl -H "Authorization: ezk5ODxxxmE0OyyyyyyyOX0="

Here is a PowerShell example of the same command:

# Define the URL to make the request
$url = ""

# Define the headers, including the Authorization token
$headers = @{
    "Authorization" = "ezk5ODxxxmE0OyyyyyyyOX0="

# Use Invoke-WebRequest to make the GET request with headers
$response = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -Headers $headers -Method Get

# Output the content of the response

The output of the command will be something like below.