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Removing pre-15.3 Kiosk Customizations (macOS/Windows)

Prior to FileWave 15.3 you had a method of customizing the Kiosk that is not used in 15.3 and beyond. Some of the customizations will be ignored with 15.3, but there are things you'll want to potentially remove and you may want to stop pushing out customizations that are no longer enforced. This article is a paired down version of the old article and simply contains information on what customizations you might have had in the past so you can look to potentially remove the files/edits. 

The look of the FileWave desktop Kiosk was customized using Qt Style Sheets. You would have had to create a file named fwGUI.qss and deploy it to clients in the right location. Several icons were also customizable by placing your custom icon in the right place with the right file name. All of this can be deployed via a Fileset.

Check out Setting the Primary Color, Name and Logo in Kiosk/App Portal (15.3+) and Applications Preventing Reboot (macOS/Windows) for the things that can be customized in FileWave 15.3 and beyond.


fwGUI.qss -- You would have created a Fileset containing the fwGUI.qss and the icons, then associate it to the desired clients. The directory where these files was placed depends on the operating system. In 15.3 and beyond you don't want to push the qss file or icons out as they will have no effect on the Kiosk.

C:\Program Files\FileWave\custom (might be "Program Files (x86)", depending on the platform)

The changes will only be visible in the desktop Kiosk after the user logs out and logs in again.

Menu Bar/System Tray Settings

settings.ini -- contained generic kiosk ui settings. Especially important is that if hide_system_tray = false that you will end up with 2 icons for the Kiosk where one is the old Kiosk if you are on FileWave 15.3.

window_title = "Your New Window Title"
show_top_downloads = true
hide_system_tray = false

Customizable icons

You might have included icon files that you used to replace them in Kiosk before 15.3. These icons will not appear in 15.3 or newer.

File name Description Example Pixel Size
action_back.png Icon for the "Back" action in the Software Installation dialog DesktopKiosk-back.png 48x48
action_forward.png Icon for the "Forward" action in the Software Installation dialog DesktopKiosk-fwd.png 48x48
background_icon.png Icon used for the watermark (FileWave icon) 512x512
rating_star_half.png Icon for half a rating star DesktopKiosk-star_half.png 40x40
rating_star_off.png Icon for a rating star that is off DesktopKiosk-star_off.png 40x40
rating_star_on.png Icon for a rating star that is on DesktopKiosk-star_on.png 40x40
tray_icon.png System tray icon. If missing, the background_icon.png is used. (FileWave icon) 16x16
warning.png Warning icon, displayed when a fileset has problems (e.g. missing VPP user) DesktopKiosk-error_red-cir_status.png 64x64