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App Portal on iOS/iPadOS devices that don't support the application (15.3+)


If you have an iOS/iPadOS device that is older than what is officially supported by FileWave and you are working ok but you can't get the Kiosk (App Portal) to install.


You can revert for now to the old WebClip using the documented process here. This is a temporary workaround.


It is possible to activate Web Clip of an old App Portal on devices which don't support new App Portal.

  1. Create new Apple Profile → Web Clip Profile (can be done in both FileWave Central and Anywhere)


  2. Fill in URL field with: https://fqdn:20443/ios/recommended_apps/%device_id%#apps replacing "fqdn" with your server's DNS name.
  3. Deploy profile to desired device(s).