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Fileset (Payload) Status in Inventory


It has long been possible to compile "FileSet Reports" in the FileSet view within the FileWave admin, but it was not possible previously to create Inventory Queries (Reports) using the same info.  With FileWave 14.5+, this issue is resolved, and more traditional reports can now be created in the Native and WebAdmin consoles.


We'll want to use these new inventory fields whenever we want to report on deployment status.  For instance, a report can be used to feed data to the integrated Grafana dashboard, or we may simply want a report of only Office 365 failures.


For any new report, you can utilize the data elements shown below for "Fileset deployment status".  In the example shown, we are specifically choosing to look at all failures generally, but this report could also be fileset/payload specific of course.

And the report itself: