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How to Force a Reboot of macOS or Windows Devices after Installing a Fileset in FileWave v14.10+


The Force Reboot feature is a new functionality that is available in FileWave v14.10.0. This feature enables you to force a macOS or Windows device to reboot after installing a Fileset. This feature is helpful in situations where quick and immediate installation of patches is required.


The Force Reboot feature in FileWave v14.10.0 should be used when you need to ensure that your environment is patched quickly. This feature is especially useful in situations where there is a need for immediate installation of patches such as Microsoft or Apple OS patching. This feature is available in the properties screen of a Fileset and can be enabled by checking the relevant Force reboot box as seen below.



To enable the Force Reboot feature in FileWave v14.10.0, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Highlight the Fileset that you want to enable the Force Reboot feature.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Check the "Force reboot" box to enable the feature.
  4. Save the changes made.

Please note that enabling this feature will result in the device rebooting 2 minutes after the installation of the Fileset. Therefore, it is essential to test the user experience before using this feature.