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Merge updates to a fileset with Fileset Magic


This knowledge base article describes the steps to use fileset merge feature in Fileset Magic to merge an update directly to the existing fileset. An example of when this might be useful is when you need to deploy a software update for a software package that is currently controlled by FileWave. Deploying software updates to client machines using pkg fileset can cause the changes to revert back if the software fileset files are set to self-heal.


First, you need to have a machine with the original (non-updated) software installed on it and run the first snapshot.
Second, run an update and make sure the software is up to date. Now a second snapshot will capture the changes, usually, the comparison 
view displays added, modified, and deleted files (modified and deleted are not checked by default). Check all modified files
(keep added files checked) and instead of saving the fileset, click the Merge button and choose the fileset you want to merge 
the changes to.

  1. Make sure you backup your fileset (right click on a fileset and duplicate).
  2. Take the first snapshot.
  3. Install your update and run your application.
  4. Take a second snapshot
  5. In the comparison view, browser your changes and check all modified files and click Continue 

  1. Check "Merge To Fileset" and click the button "Choose" (fig2)
  2. Select your fileset ( use the duplicate fileset ) and click "OK"
  3. Verify that your changes are merged to the fileset.
  4. Test your fileset.