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Managing Revisions


There are quite a number of things we can do to "manage" revisions.  We can create new revisions, edit them, delete them, and set default revisions.


Our management options breakdown as follows:

  • Editing revisions (different from editing the contents of the revision) allows us to change the names and descriptions of revisions
  • Creating them allows us to create additional revisions in the current fileset
  • Deleting a revision, as the name implies, allows us to remove a revision from a fileset
  • Setting a revision as the "Default" allows us to easily deal with associations for testing and production in different ways 


The thing that all of the options listed above have in common is they are all accessed in the same way, through the "Manage Revisions" button in the Fileset Editor, the Script Editor, or the Fileset Properties window, as shown below:

Each of the management options is detailed in the articles linked below.