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Move To... for Filesets


FileWave has long had the ability to move client device records either by drag and drop, or by the "Move To..." command.  Version 14 brings this same "Move To..." capability to filesets as well.


Drag and drop is all well and good, but with thousands of filesets potentially, it could take a long time to drag and drop filesets around the fileset window.  Plus, drag and drop also has the distinct possibility of accidentally dropping in the wrong place.  For those reasons, we recommend you try the new "Move To..." option if moving filesets around.


Moving a fileset is in fact even easier now, just:

  • Find the fileset you want to move and highlight it
  • Right click on the fileset and choose "Move To..."
  • From the dialog, choose the destination for the fileset (i.e. where you want to move it to)

Example follows: