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Manual Licenses

The first method for managing software licenses is to manually create the query to search inventory. You select New License from the toolbar and give it a name. Then you set the license expression to be based on managing an application or a font. You can choose to manage items installed in all three of the operating systems FileWave supports from a "computer" point of view. (Android, due to its FileWave client, is managed as a hybrid between computer and mobile. Next, you create the inventory search; e.g. the Chrome browser.

Now, gather a count of the licenses you have. This can be done by entering purchase order information, or just using whatever accounting method you have to create a pseudo-purchase order. You can enter multiple license purchases here. It will give you an accounting history as well as let you manage multiple licenses in one location.

Then add a trigger value to warn when you are running out of licenses.

That will complete our license query. Looking at the result in the License Management pane yields:

When you double-click on the license, you will see the details of the query displayed. The window will actually display a significant amount of information about your search results, including detailed device info.