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Could not create the /Volumes/XYZ directory error when opening client info


Error when opening client info for a client machine that it "Could not create the directory". The error is caused when you select "Export Current Tab" in Client info and save the file to a directory that is now no longer on the machine. This is most common when you save the file to a external hard drive and then disconnect the drive. Since the directory path no longer exists it gives the error like the one shown below. The path will most likely differ.


The error is resolved when you select a new location for Export current view. To do this follow the below steps. 

  • Double click on a macOS or Windows client
  • Select "Export Current Tab" on the left of the client info window
  • Select a directory that is local to the machine. I suggest selecting your Users desktop
  • Select "Save" 

  • Now when you close client info and re-open the window you will not see the error